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OrderCalci is the One True Solution for all Meesho Sellers. Get all the functionalities you can dream of including, ranging from Profit/Loss Management to Return Analysis, Claim Management, Advertisement & Penalty Management and SO much more!

Tired of analyzing the profits of every product?

Are you Not Getting enough profit even after a good number of orders on Meesho? Then OrderCalci is the best solution available in the market for your Meesho account. Ordercalci provides inbuilt reports, Premium Charts and insights and calculates the EXACT profit for your particular product EASILY.

Know Your Profit/loss

Get your monthly Profit/Loss for all your products in JUST one click!

Manage Payments & Penalties

Track all the payments and penalties applied to your product FAST!

Auto-Claim Functionality

Get claim amounts for your lost returns without claiming in supplier panel using OrderCalci Auto-claim Feature.

Return Claim from Mobile App

Claim your damaged/wrong returns directly from mobile app .

Manage your Returns

Get insights into the returns by scanning returns daily.

No Need to Upload any Files

Kick complexity out. OrderCalci connects with your Meesho account. Get your tasks automated by our LATEST system!

Multiple Reports

Build your billionaire strategy by getting MULTIPLE reports!

Easy to Use

Very easy approach, Operate the system from Mobile & Desktop both

Using Software

Great opportunity to ROCKET-BOOST your sales!

Join OrderCalci now and get deep insights into your Meesho account. Be the leader you were meant to be and lead your business to the greatest high!

Using Software

How Ordercalci Works

  • Step 1: Register Into OrderCalci.
  • Step 2: Connect with Messho.
  • That's It! Get reports of your Profits/losses and SO MUCH More
  • Know Your Account Better With Us Now!

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